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Summertime has arrived here in Grand Junction, and with it come lots of outdoor activities with our kids and pets. Keeping your floors clean in the summer can be more of a chore since there is a lot of dust and debris that can get tracked in and, let’s face it, we’d all rather be playing than cleaning! A few tricks and tips can help you keep your floors clean all summer long.
Summer tips for clean floors
First, utilize your mudroom, or grab a large basket/storage bin and have everyone deposit their shoes in it when they come in the house. Don’t let those shoes travel more than 5 or 6 feet past the door! This will cut down on the amount of dust and dirt that gets tracked into the house.
Next, if you’ve got a pool or access to a lake nearby, add an extra absorbent mat near the door so that when people enter with wet feet they don’t end up tracking water all across the floor. That not only can damage some types of floors, it can also create a slipping hazard. On days when everyone is playing in the water and going in and out of the house, you might consider adding some towels to the floor too, just to make sure that water gets soaked up immediately.
Then, sweep or vacuum your high traffic areas frequently. This doesn’t have to be a deep clean, but two or three times a week of going over those floors and rugs can cut down on scratches and keep everything feeling and looking cleaner.
Also, try placing a mat just inside the doggie door too. That way when Spot comes in, his feet get a little extra cleaning before he hits your floors.
If it’s time for a flooring upgrade, let’s talk! We can help you find a flooring option that is beautiful AND durable!