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Considering a robot vacuum to help cut down on your daily chores? We’ve got the rundown for you on robot vacuums!
What is a robot vacuum? A robot vacuum is a rechargeable self-directed vacuum that navigates its way through your home. It (usually) can steer itself around furniture, or under it, and some even have self-emptying bins! They work on all floor types, including carpet. They’re programmable, so you can set the time and frequency of your vacuuming. Admittedly, some are better than others when it comes to gathering debris, and you can read a full article on which robot vacuums are best here.
While robot vacuums do take away the daily chore of vacuuming, they aren’t a replacement for a full-on mopping or deep cleaning. They’re a great addition to your life if you need something that can grab the pet hair on a daily basis, or cut down on the sweeping and vacuuming you do. However, they ARE machines, and machines sometimes make mistakes.
Robot Vacuum
Sometimes your robot vacuum can get confused and die before it makes its way back to its charging station. There have been, of course, horror stories of vacuums not avoiding pet waste and homeowners waking up to big messes!
If you’re considering a robot vacuum, we encourage you to visit some websites, like the one linked above, to read reviews on the various makes and models out there. Some are louder than others, some better at vacuuming carpets, and the sizes and prices vary too.
If you’re unsure as to whether a robot vacuum is safe for your floors, contact us! We’d love to answer any flooring questions you have.