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There was a time when carpet fell out of fashion.  Many were opting for hardwood floors and luxury vinyl and leaving the plush luxury of carpet behind. However, carpet is back and we’ve got a few reasons why you should reconsider carpet for your home.
Reasons to Reconsider Carpet
1. Carpet technology has come a long way.  With these improvements come better stain resistance and better pet-hair releasing properties. Pet and Kid friendly carpet is a real thing! With the technologies available these days.  Most carpets these days are designed to release pet hair when vacuuming. Your pet will enjoy having a soft place to rest and hang out with the family and you’ll enjoy knowing it isn’t hard to clean up! PLUS new stain-resistant technology means cleaning up spills is easier than ever.
2. Cozy floors. Here in Grand Junction we’ve had quite a wet and damp fall. A cozy carpet or large area rug underfoot adds such a feeling of warmth to a room. With a variety of styles and textures these days you can find a rug or carpeting that suits the needs of most rooms in your home.
3.  Neutral colors are back and plentiful! You can find so many inviting neutral colors these days for your carpet options. The softness of carpet plus the warm and inviting colors that are available add warmth to any room.
4. Carpet can create division in open-concept spaces. Create a clear separation of your kitchen, dining, and living areas by using carpet in a few of those places.  A-n area rug in the  living room helps define that space.  A stain-resistant mat under the dining room table might help separate that area as well.
If you’re ready to start shopping for new flooring for your home, come see us! We’ve got a huge selection of flooring options and we’d love to help!