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Preparing for Guests and Holidays


Your Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings might be smaller this year, but we bet you’ll still find your home holding a few extra people this holiday season. With that in mind, we have a few tips on how to protect your floors when guests and holiday gatherings arrive.


1. Stay outdoors. If it’s possible, keep the majority of your gathering outdoors, around fire pits or patio heaters.  This way you can avoid messy spills of red wine on your carpet or lots of extra tracked in dirt and debris on your floors.


2. Consider your space. If social distancing means you’ll have people eating in several rooms, consider your options. Can you add an extra table in a large hallway to avoid having people eat in the carpeted living room? Is there a game room with tile or laminate floors? If you have to, can you use a large vinyl tablecloth as a drop cloth? It might sound quirky, but if it helps protect your family and your floors it might be worth it!


3. Have cleaning supplies ready. If spills occur, be prepared to swoop in quickly and wipe up spills on hardwood floors or blot and treat stains on carpet.  Remember that accidents happen and most stains can be removed!


4. Use doormats and place area rugs in high traffic areas whenever possible.


5. Ask guests to remove their shoes upon entering, especially if the weather in your area has been rainy or snowy. This is an easy way to help protect your floors.  In fact, you can even include something in your invitations like, “Make sure to wear your good socks as we’re asking that all shoes be removed at the door!”
Planning to install new floors this winter? Come see us! We’d love to help you find the right floors for your home and your lifestyle.