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Part Two: A Guide to Selecting Flooring That Matches Your Interior Design Aesthetic 

This month, we choose from hundreds of interior design aesthetics, bringing you a curated selection of popular trends to help you decide how your floors fit into your personalized home design. Here are some more stylish interior design themes and the flooring we recommend choosing for your home. 

Coastal Beach House

You do not have to live on the beach to experience the tranquility of coastal charm. Regarding flooring, light/bleached hardwood, such as oak, bamboo, or maple, can add a warm and natural feeling to a beachy home. Weathered oak, light grey, crème, or brown are perfect stain shades for coastal hardwood floors. Suppose you want to incorporate color using tile, navy, and ocean blue tiles cut into stripes or fish scales. In that case, shapes can add a fun ocean-like element to a bathroom floor or kitchen backsplash. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are durable and water-resistant choices that mimic the look of natural stone. 

















Bold Eclectic 

A funky and unique style, bold eclectic has a lot going on with the crazy patterns, bold colors, and abstract décor. Stain shades typically found within this style are mahogany and dark or light brown. If hardwood is not your dream flooring, concrete in dark grey and greenish-grey hues adds an industrial and artistic vibe. To make a space even more fun, choosing a selection of patterned tiles with an exciting design can be a fantastic choice. A popular tile pattern, mosaic incorporates a Moroccan style creating an opportunity to use bright colors for a floor.