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Whether you work from home or have a commercial office space, it’s important to choose a flooring that is inspiring to you and that reflects the personality and tone of your office and work.
For a home office, you’ll have more flexibility. If a bright area rug makes you happy and keeps your feet warm, add it! If the pattern of herringbone LVP sparks your creativity, you can have that too. Because a home office is your personal space you don’t have to worry so much with what will work best for clients or how the space will make others feel. The options are basically endless, depending on your budget.

Office Flooring Tips

For a commercial work space the type of flooring you choose will probably be a group decision. You’ll have to look at budgets, the type of work you do (how durable does the flooring need to be) and the types of clientele you have. Perhaps a slate look tile is best for a hair salon that needs an easy-to-clean floor, while a mix of warm-toned luxury vinyl plank and plush carpet is better for an attorney or financial planner’s office.
Commercial Office flooring

Office work place

For both office settings, some points to keep in mind include:
– Your budget. Whether a home office or commercial space, the amount of money you have to spend on flooring will play a large role in what you choose.
– Your own style and needs.  Traditional vs Modern vs Eclectic vs Minimalist…your personal style will be reflected in the flooring you choose, and it should be! Even if you have to consider clients and customers, your business’s personality should be showcased in the type of flooring you choose.
– Durability – The work you do will also dictate the type of flooring you choose. Those who have to stand for most of the day will prefer (if possible) something with a little more “give” underfoot. If your office often sees clients from work sites or outdoor job locations, you’ll want something that is easy to keep clean.
If you’re ready to pick out a new flooring option for your home office or commercial space, come see us! We’d love to help.