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Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) are two different kinds of Luxury Vinyl flooring.

LVT comes in pieces of tile-shaped flooring that looks like ceramic tile and LVP is designed to mimic plank or wood flooring. The benefits of both of these Luxury Vinyl products are the variety of styles, colors, and natural products they can resemble. Previous “vinyl” flooring didn’t offer the selection of options today’s vinyl products do. In fact, many of today’s luxury vinyl products are even textured to appear more like the wood or stone they’re mimicking.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Both LVT and LVP are waterproof, as they’re constructed of layers of plastic. This makes them great options for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and mudrooms. They are durable enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic too. Scratch and fade resistant, these flooring options can provide a gorgeous look for your entire home.

Also, both LVT and LVP can be installed over your existing sub-floors. This makes them an easy and affordable option for DIY home remodels. There are two types of installs for both LVT and LVP flooring: Direct Glue or Rigid Core Click.


Direct Glue uses an adhesive to install the plank or tile flooring. Rigid Core Click “clicks” tiles into place using a system integrated into the flooring product. Of course, our team at Carpetland is always here to help if you need it!

If you’re ready to check out a selection of luxury vinyl products and learn more about installation, come see us! We’re located in the Eastgate shopping center on North Avenue and our team is ready to help you find the perfect flooring for your next home improvement project!