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Trying to decide on new flooring for your home can be overwhelming.  You may feel stuck attempting to even narrow down your options.  However, we’ve got some tips on how to choose flooring for any room in your home.
First, ask yourself the following questions:
“How will I use the space that the flooring is in?” Starting with this in mind can aid us in guiding you to the right flooring. For instance, if you answered, “This flooring is going in our guest bathroom,” then we know to guide you to waterproof flooring options.
How to choose flooring for any room Best flooring options for bathrooms
How much foot traffic will the space receive? The more foot traffic an area will receive, the more durable the flooring needs to be. Therefore, if you’re looking at flooring for your mudroom, for example, you’ll want to choose a very durable flooring.
Next, think about the following options and scenarios when considering how to choose flooring for any room.
Determine if water exposure is possible. If the flooring is going to be in a room that could see lots of water, like a bathroom or kitchen, you’ll be able to narrow down your options to waterproof flooring. If there’s little chance of water exposure you can eliminate that worry and consider hardwood or carpet.
Easy ways to protect your floors
Think about the area’s size and your budget.  Knowing the size of the space you’re covering and what your budget is can absolutely help you choose a specific flooring option! If you’ve already determined you need a waterproof flooring material, and now know your budget, choosing a floor type is easier.
Finally, consider your family’s style.  You certainly don’t want to end up with flooring in your living room that doesn’t match the rest of your home or your tastes. Be sure to think about that and what the rest of your home looks like as you choose from a wide variety of flooring styles in our showroom.
If you’re ready to come shop for new flooring, we’d love to help!