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Finally you’ve moved into a home with an awesome basement layout perfect for your Man Cave. It’s time to start planning for paint colors, flooring ideas, and furniture! When it comes to flooring options for a Man Cave, we’ve got lots of ideas.


First, think about how you’ll utilize your man cave. Will there be Foosball and Pool tables? Comfy couches and recliners for watching the Big Game? Is your style more suited to wingback chairs and cigars? Weight lifting and cardio machines? Knowing how you’ll use the room will greatly influence the flooring options for a man cave.


If luxurious, plush carpet sounds great to you, then go for it!  Carpet can be perfect for a quiet man cave for movie watching, book reading, etc.  It’s warm on cold feet and adds a bit of soundproofing too. If you think you’ll be playing lots of ping pong and need to be nimble, or think lots of drinks might get spilled, you might want to consider something different.

Waterproof Flooring

For a man cave that might encounter spills or wear and tear, waterproof vinyl flooring may be a great option.  These look great and come in a variety of styles.  They’re durable too.  That makes them perfect for a man cave with a bar, games, and sports.



Finally, if you are lucky enough to have room in your Man Cave for both weights, a movie watching area, and a bar, consider some combos: you might use a durable area rug in your weight lifting area, an eye-catching tile in the rest of the room, and another area rug in your movie area so people can kick off their shoes and have a soft carpet under their feet. Ceramic tile is durable and easy to clean, making it a great choice for your bar area!

If you need help choosing flooring options for a Man Cave, stop in and see us at Carpetland on North Avenue in Grand Junction.  We’re located at 2830 North Avenue in the Eastgate Shopping Center.