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With the holiday season in full swing you may be planning for guests.  If so, we’ve got some tips to get your guest bathroom in tip-top shape!
Five Tips for a Stellar Guest Bathroom Bathroom tile consider new flooring
Assuming you don’t have time to replace your floors, our first tip is on cleaning them. Remove everything from your bathroom, or at least get everything off the floors. Take time to sweep them thoroughly to remove loose debris. Then, depending on the type of floors you have:
– mop with a wood-floor safe product
– use your favorite “quick mop” for luxury vinyl, laminate, or tile.
– use a soft rag to scrub stubborn stains and also avoid scratching your floors.
Next, wash your bath mats but let them hang dry. If your current guest bathroom mats are getting worn, you may be able to find some great deals this time of year on new ones.
Five Tips to a Stellar Guest Bathroom
Then, use the “hotel” bathroom cleaning method for your sinks, countertops and toilet: use a DRY rag and the spray cleaner of your choice.  For DIY cleaners, click here.  Scrub your tub with your favorite cleaner and make sure your shower curtain is clean.  If you have glass shower doors, you can mix up equal parts of dish washing liquid and white vinegar, spray down the inside of the doors, and then wash them down with a wet rag. You’ll need to actually be IN the shower to do this. It’s messy but very effective!
Use baskets to neatly arrange wash cloths and toiletries. Be sure to provide “extras” your guests may have forgotten, like toothbrushes and toothpaste, razors, lotion, shaving cream, and mouthwash.
Finally, install a small nightlight to help guests find their way to the bathroom at night.
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