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If you’ve just moved into a new (to you) home, you likely have some projects you want to tackle. There might be appliances to replace or walls to paint. How much time have you spent thinking about the floors? Here are five reasons to consider new flooring.
1. The carpet in your new home is stained or causing some lingering odors.  Carpet can be a wonderful flooring. It’s soft and warm underfoot and it helps to tamp down noise. However, in older homes, the carpet may be stained from pets, or have pet odors that are hard to get rid of. If you’ve tried professional carpet cleaning and still aren’t satisfied, it may be time to consider new flooring.
Consider New Flooring
2. Similarly, in an office setting, wear and tear from traffic patterns may be a sign it’s time to consider new flooring. Hallways and commons areas can be particularly susceptible to this sort of wear and, in an office setting, this may be a good reason to consider carpet tiles, which are easier to replace (I’m assuming?)
3. Cracked bathroom tile can be another reason to consider new flooring. While some flaws can be considered “character” cracked tile isn’t really one of them.
Bathroom tile consider new flooring
4. Water damage on wood floors. Moving into a home touting “original wood floors” is often exciting. For some, it’s a proud moment to know you’re caring for flooring that has been in that home for 50 years or more. However, if you find areas of water damage, you might consider replacing those floors. If you can keep the original floors in some rooms, in bedrooms, for example, then do so. But consider replacing those water damaged floors in kitchens and bathrooms with something waterproof, like luxury vinyl plank.
5. Finally, a great reason to consider new flooring is simply because the flooring in the home isn’t your style. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to add carpet or replace pink tile because you prefer white subway tile. One of the beautiful aspects of owning a home is the opportunity to make it yours!
If you’re considering new flooring, come talk to us! We’d love to help.