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Happy Fourth of July weekend! What a great time to celebrate with friends and family! If you’re expecting guests to celebrate with, we’ve got five quick ways to protect your floors this holiday weekend.

Protect Your Floors Area Rugs Grand Junction

Leave ’em at the door

You can grab inexpensive baskets from the dollar store or use a spare shoe caddy, etc. for this tip. Place these by the door (inside, outside, whatever) and have everyone deposit their shoes before they come in the house. You can warn folks ahead of time so that they wear shoes that are easily removable. Having guests leave shoes at the door means less dirt and debris on your floors and your carpet.

Remember the broom

There’s not a thing in the world wrong with a good old fashioned broom. When you need to quickly sweep up dirt in the kitchen or living room, grab the broom and have at it! You can even use a brush and dust pan for this instead of a full sized broom. We keep one of these sets under the sink for just such emergencies.

Absorbent Rags or Towels

The best prevention against stains on your carpet is acting fast. Therefore, having a set of absorbent rags or towels nearby is a smart plan. As soon as a spill occurs, throw a towel to the nearest empty-handed person and tell them to blot away!

Check your chairs and table legs

Make sure your chair and table leg protectors are still in place and replace any that are worn out or have come off. These stick-on protectors do a great job at keeping your floors free from scratches from your furniture.

Stain Remover

Use your carpet manufacturer’s recommended stain removal instructions and products. Make sure to have these on hand just in case you end up with a major stain on your hands: red wine, coffee, blueberry pie, for example.

Have a great holiday weekend! For all your flooring needs come by and see us at 2830 North Avenue in Grand Junction, Colorado!