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Tile is never going out of style! While it might change over time it is always going to be a classic choice for bathrooms and often laundry rooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. There are five 2023 tile trends we’re looking forward to this year.

Stand Out Backsplashes

Make a statement with a stand out backsplash, and keep the rest of your kitchen tiles simple and timeless!

stand out backsplashes five 2023 tile trends

Textured Tile

Textured tile can provide an almost 3D effect to walls or backsplashes and, for a small space or statement piece it can be a lot of fun! This is one 2023 tile trend we hope sticks around for a while because there are so many possibilities.

Five 2023 tile trends

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles are still the top choice for homeowners. These styles are durable, easy to maintain, and never go out of fashion!

Decorative Patterns

Set your bathroom apart with a decorative patterned tile!

Finally, high gloss tiles will add that extra something to even basic white! This is a great way to make a space feel brighter too!

Now that you’ve read up on 2023 tile trends, are you ready to shop for tile? Stop in our Grand Junction flooring store showroom at 2830 North Avenue!