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Fall is a great time to tackle a few once-or-twice a year flooring tasks and prep for the holiday season.
Since fall (September/October) is when we get the most rain, be sure your floors are ready for that.  With winter following not far behind now is a good time to set out the “water catchers” for your boots and shoes.  Rimmed rubber mats, shallow plastic bins, whatever you have that is waterproof and deep enough for one layer of shoes, will work.
Remember, if your shoes are wet from rain, your pet’s paws are too! Keep an old towel or rag near the door, and a mat on the floor to help collect water/mud from Fido’s feet before he gets in the house.
Take this time to check your floor protectors on your dining room chair legs, tables, etc. Often one will slide off without you noticing, until someone slides back in that chair and you hear that sccreeeech of a scratch happening!
Be sure to have some extra floor protectors on hand for your fall and Halloween decorations too. If any of them will be sitting directly on your hardwood floors, make sure the floors are protected.
Replenish that stock of carpet stain remover that your manufacturer recommended! Football parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are all prime times for food and drink to end up on your carpet. Be prepared so that you don’t have to stress! Need tips on removing carpet stains? Check out this post.
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