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If you’re like most families, the flooring in your home probably takes some wear and tear. Kids, pets, snow, rain and dirt can put a floor through a lot! However, there are some easy things you can do to help protect your floors from water damage, scratches, and general wear and tear.

Protect Your Floors Area Rugs Grand Junction1. Floor mats and area rugs – Floor mats at the entrances to your home are a great way to trap dirt and even some water and snow. All of these can end up on your floors and cause scratches and water damage. Area rugs throughout the house, in your kitchen and living room, can help protect your floors as well.

2. A space for shoes by the door – Having a space for shoes by the door gives a sign to everyone entering to remove their shoes. This means even less dirt gets tracked into the house. That’s not only good for your floors, it can be good for your allergies too. If it’s winter try to keep a rubber mat with a bit of a lip on it out for wet shoes. That way the water gets trapped on the mat and doesn’t end up on your floors.

3. A robot vacuum – Though you may still have to mop and do a more thorough vacuum (especially if you have pets), a robot vacuum running daily can cut down on the dirt that can accumulate on your floors. Less dirt means less chance of scratches.

4. Choose the right flooring – Picking the right floors for each space of your home is a great way to ensure your floors last. A durable and waterproof flooring in your mudroom and kitchen can go a long way to protecting those areas of your home.

5. Finally, don’t forget the felt pads under chair legs and heavy furniture. Luxury vinyl plank, hardwood and laminate are all in danger of scratches and the felt pads can help with that.

If you are planning a home remodel and need help choosing your flooring, come see us! We’re located in the EastGate Shopping Center on North Avenue in Grand Junction.