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If you’re considering getting a new vacuum cleaner, the styles and varieties these days can seem endless! From robot vacuums to full-sized upright models, how is one to choose? Check out our pros and cons comparing types of vacuums below.

Robot Vacuums

Comparing Types of Vacuums

Robot vacuums became the rage several years ago and serve many people well! They are compact, they save time, and they’re quiet. However, if you have pet hair or carpet you’ll end up cleaning it frequently.  Also they don’t have as much power as some other styles of vacuums.  Robot vacuums might be good for day-to-day sweeps across your hard surface floors, but you may want to supplement with a more powerful vacuum for deeper cleaning and carpets.

Stick Vacuums

Larger than robot vacuums but less powerful than a full-sized vacuum, stick vacuums are a happy medium. They still are not as powerful as a full-sized vacuum.  However, they’re lightweight, cordless, and often come with lots of attachments for getting into small spaces.  Most have a brush or non-brush setting so they’re suitable for use on carpet and hard surface floors.

Full-Sized Vacuums

Full-Sized vacuums are still the most powerful of the three types we’ve discussed today. If you have pets or lots of dust and dirt in your home, you’ll want a full sized vacuum to keep it as clean as possible. While these are heavier than robot vacuums and stick vacuums they also have canisters that hold more dirt and debris between cleanings. You may be limited with reach by a cord, but you also have plenty of attachments for reaching corners and baseboards.

Once you’ve compared types of vacuums and decided on the one you want, consider the following to keep your floors in tip top shape.

For carpet: Frequent vacuuming is the key to the longevity of your carpet.

For hardwood floors: Sweep regularly with a broom or vacuum with a vacuum that does not have a beater bar or brush. Dirt and grit can cause scratches to the finish.

For luxury vinyl: Simply vacuum a few times per week and mop once per week. That’s it! Just remember to use a cleaner approved for luxury vinyl when mopping.

For tile and stone: Sweep or use a vacuum (without a beater bar) to pick up dirt and grime. Dust and damp mop on a regular basis. Wipe off residue to avoid leaving a film. Avoid excess water.

For laminate: Frequently sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and grit.