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If it’s time to replace the flooring in your business, or if you’re starting from scratch and need flooring, there are plenty of options available.  When choosing office/workspace flooring, there are several factors to consider including the following: culture, comfort, traffic, and budget.
1. Your company’s culture and brand.  Your company’s space is a direct reflection of your company’s brand, personality and culture. You want the flooring you choose to reflect how your customers see you and your employees. For some this may mean a classic hardwood floor needs to be considered. For others, a trendy luxury vinyl plank may fit more with your company’s style. You may even consider specific colors or tones that work with your branding.
Choosing Commercial Flooring
2. Your employees’ comfort.  Those who work for you spend hours each week in this space and their comfort should be a factor here too.  If your employees have to stand often, a softer flooring option will feel better underfoot. An inviting space that is pleasing to the eye will help your employees to feel more at ease and happy.
3. Traffic.  How much foot traffic does your building get each day? Will there be a lot of wear and tear? A durable flooring option like luxury vinyl plank or tile may be better for your space than carpet or hardwood. In that same vein, what about maintenance? Who will be cleaning the floors and how easy/hard will it be to keep your flooring choices clean and tidy?
4. Budget.  Obviously your budget has to factor in to your flooring choices! With everything from laminate to tile and hardwood, we can help you find the right product for your budget needs.
If you’re considering new flooring for your office space, come see us! We’d love to help you find the right flooring for your business.