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Laminate floors are an attractive and inexpensive way to update your home’s existing flooring. Today’s laminate floors are durable and low-maintenance, offering active families an easy way to have a beautiful floor that doesn’t require much upkeep! When it comes to caring for laminate, we have a few suggestions.

caring for laminate

First, make sure to use mats at all exterior doors to catch dust, dirt, and other debris that might get tracked in on shoes and boots. If you have room, consider a special place to sit snow boots that will catch any dripping snow and keep it off of your beautiful floors.

Use your broom, other sweeping tools, and vacuum to keep floors clear of dust and dirt. These are easy ways to protect your laminate floors and keep them clean.  You only need to mop occasionally and, if possible, use as little water as you can.  You might consider an alternative to a traditional mop like a Swiffer ® or swiffer-type product too. These use minimal water but will help to remove grime and dirt from your floors. Just make sure that the cleaning products used are specifically for laminate floors. Avoid steam cleaners.

Use felt pad protectors under dining room chairs, tables, and other furniture that could scratch your floors. Make sure to lift furniture to move it instead of sliding it. Prevent marks from your pets by keeping their nails trimmed and use area rugs as a way to help protect high traffic living rooms, game rooms, etc.  If you have laminate flooring in an office space and chairs with casters, make sure to use a floor protector underneath the area where your office chairs will be used.

Laminate flooring is a great and affordable flooring option and caring for laminate is easy. If you’re interested in learning more or seeing our selection, come see us at 2830 North Avenue in Grand Junction, Colorado.