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Bathroom flooring is unique in that you can expect water to be on it frequently. If you have small children or pets you bathe in a tub, your bathroom floors will definitely need to stand up to water! Even if you don’t, the humidity from hot showers and general dampness in the room can cause damage over time if the wrong flooring is used.
Your best flooring options for bathrooms include tile and vinyl flooring. Tile is durable, beautiful, and waterproof. It is easy to clean and offers a huge variety of design options. Because it can be cold to stand on for long periods of time, consider adding a few rugs at your sink and shower area.
Best flooring options for bathrooms
Sheet vinyl flooring is a great and inexpensive option, especially for children’s bathrooms. It can stand up to a lot of water and there are thousands of design options available.  For a more sophisticated look, luxury vinyl plank is another great waterproof choice.
While there are many great flooring options for your bathroom, like the ones mentioned above or even natural stone, a few to avoid are carpet and hardwood.
Carpet is a poor choice for a bathroom for many reasons. Your carpet will end up mildewy and damp-smelling for long periods of time.  Though it feels great underfoot, a better option is to use tile or vinyl flooring and add a small bathroom mat that can be washed, or hung up to dry, on top.
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