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If you’ve been considering adding an area rug to a room, go for it! Area rugs come in a wide variety of sizes and styles and are beneficial for most rooms in your home.
First, area rugs can add a bit of softness to a space. If you can’t afford to change out your tile floors for carpet, for example, consider adding an area rug. They’ll provide a soft space for your feet, for kids to sit, or for pets to sleep.
Area rugs also help dampen noise.  A room with hardwood or tile floors and high ceilings can often have an echo or amplify noises from loud talking, the stereo, or the tv. Add area rugs in a few places around the room to help soften sounds.
Adding an area rug
Third, area rugs help to define a space. An open concept home needs a little bit of definition, and adding an area rug can help separate a small office space from the kitchen or a playroom from a breakfast nook.
Area rugs add coziness to a space too. For your game room, sports room, or playroom, adding a soft area rug can fill an otherwise bland space with some warmth.
For some rooms, like kitchens and baths, area rugs can help protect your floors too. If your home has hardwood floors throughout, adding rugs in the bathroom and kitchen provide comfort underfoot and protection for your floors from water and/or spills.
Finally, area rugs can help you express yourself. With so many styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, you can find area rugs that truly fit your family’s taste, whether that’s mid-century modern or traditional.
We offer custom binding and serging on area rugs and we’ve got a new area rug display with a wide variety of sizes and custom ordering at Carpetland in Grand Junction! Stop in and browse our inventory. You’ll find a perfect addition for any room in your home.