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When you want to upgrade your living space and add a bit of luxury, your floors are a great place to start!
We’ll start with the obvious use of LUXURY vinyl plank and tile.  Replacing worn carpet or out of date flooring can be a great time to add that luxurious look and feel to a space.
Add Luxury to your home
Even the addition of an area rug can change the look and feel of a room.  Plush carpet underfoot adds a sense of richness to a space.
Color choice can make a difference too.  Darker hues often convey a sense of opulence and elegance.  Classics like navy, white, warm reds and yellows, chocolates, all can give that feel to guests and everyone living in your home.
Eminence Flooring Luxury Floors for your Home
Clean and easy to care for. Luxury doesn’t mean hours of scrubbing or monthly upkeep. Many of our flooring options are waterproof or water resistant and also stain and odor resistant. That means less work for you which gives you more time to relax and enjoy your living space!

COLORTILE® Destination Luxury Flooring

A new generation of vinyl plank flooring that combines the strength and rich visuals of hardwood, stone and tile with the fashion, durability and cleanability of luxury vinyl.

COLORTILE® Destination Luxury Flooring is 100% waterproof offering protection against spills and stains. The Uniclic technology creates a virtually impenetrable, tight lock that does not allow liquid through.

This flooring resists ALL stains from ALL domestic pets. It will stay easy to clean, even if your pet has an accident.

Destination Luxury Flooring won’t absorb a trace of liquid so it’s impervious to odors from pet accidents or mildew.

Destination Luxury Flooring resists the scuffs and scrapes of active homes with kids and pets. Because of its dense SPC core, it also protects against dents from high heel shoes. Plus, it won’t telegraph subfloor imperfections. So it can be installed anywhere over almost any surface – even tile.