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The style of your floors are key elements of interior design. Everyone has an eye for style whether that is religiously following the hottest trends or adventuring out into styles that are outside the norm. No matter what your aesthetic entails, the right flooring can set the tone for any space and enhance it beauty, functionality, and ambiance. Once you identify your style, we can see what kind of flooring works best to tie the space together. We listed some popular and unique examples of interior design as blueprints to help you pick the flooring that will elevate the look you want.



The Scandinavian interior design style is all about simplicity and minimalism. Most décor items are neutral, black, and white color palettes. For flooring options, light hardwood such as white oak or pale pine are perfect for creating a bright and warm environment. Slate tiles cut in herringbone shapes are perfect for Scandinavian kitchens and bathrooms as an alternative for hardwood flooring.

















Modern homes often embrace clean, minimalist, and sleek styles, making it a popular choice of interior design. The floors in this style are important to maintaining that clean extravagant look. Wood-like tile, wide in length is a great choice to creating a space that has a natural and open feel to it. Porcelain or ceramic tiles with minimal grout lines used in bathrooms can make the space feel clean.  Keep the color palette in neutral, white, and dark greys or blacks.


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