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Mudrooms are a great space to have in a home. First, they’re versatile. You can store rain coats, ski gear, team sports gear, of course shoes, and more in your mudroom space. More importantly, they literally serve the purpose of keeping mud out of the rest of your home. Still, no one wants the floors of their mudroom to get worn out and dirty.  So, how can you keep your mudroom floors clean? Check out our tips below.
1. First, use a durable waterproof flooring like ceramic tile or luxury vinyl.  These are flooring options that can stand up to repeated snow, dirt, and moisture AND the cleaning those types of debris require.
2. Consider some easy storage solutions. Use a rubber mat with a lip around the edge for storing wet gear like ski boots and snow shoes. This will keep excess water off of your floors.
mudroom floor photo
3. Consider both an outdoor and indoor entry mat. If you’re unsure of which ones might work best for you and the area you live in, check out this article. 
4. Sweep and clean your mudroom floors often to prevent build up and scratches. During times when everyone is in and out all week long in snow or mud, or tracking in lots of dirt from the backyard, you might even consider a daily evening “sweep” to not only literally sweep the floors, but put away shoes and check for excess water on the floor too.
5. Use a floor cleaner appropriate for your floors. Make sure to choose a mop and cleaner that works best for whatever flooring you choose: tile, vinyl, etc. This way you’ll know that even if you have to mop that area every other day, what you’re using isn’t going to harm the flooring itself.
If you have questions about the best flooring options for any room in your home, make sure to call us! We’d love to help.