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There are so many flooring options these days.  You can have hardwood floors, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, tile, stone, and yes, carpet. Carpet has come a long way in the last 10 years. Today’s carpet offers you some amazing choices in style, texture, construction, color and pattern. You can now choose a carpet that meets any decorating need and still fit it into your budget. There are lots of reasons to choose carpet for some areas of your home.

First, carpet is comfortable! It’s wonderful to wake up and put your feet down on warm, soft carpet. In winter, especially, having carpet in bedrooms is a treat. Your pets and babies will also love how that carpet feels. It’s a great surface for those literally learning to toddle and is much softer to fall on than some other flooring options.  For older adults with joint pain, the plushness of carpet can ease some of that pain when walking.

Next, carpet is quiet.  Carpet helps to absorb sound, so it’s great for creating a quieter space in your home. This can be helpful again for bedrooms, but also for offices. We’re all working from home more these days and if you’ve got lots of digital meetings happening, the sound-absorbing qualities of carpet can be a blessing!

Another of our reasons to choose carpet is for its variety. You can find a style and color of carpet to match any home design. From modern to shabby chic, from thick carpet to low-pile and from beige to burgundy, there is a carpet out there for you!  Carpet can make such a great design statement in any room. From area rugs that add a pop of color to a lush and luxurious plush carpet to add a sense of glamour and richness, we’ve got a great selection for you.

Fourth on our list is maintenance. Carpet is easy to maintain. With plenty of products to protect against and remove stains, the only other thing you have to do to keep your carpet looking great is vacuum! With robot vacuums becoming more affordable and more sophisticated, you can let those do most of your vacuuming work too!

Finally, carpet is affordable! Come talk to us about our carpet varieties and prices and find out more about our free labor sale too! We’d love to help you find the perfect carpet for your home!