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Though flooring trends have more subtle changes than paint colors or accessories, they do still happen. Every year we see a bit of a change in what is popular for both residential and commercial flooring. Before looking at the 2022 flooring trends, let’s review a few aspects of a flooring remodel that you’ll need to consider.
2022 Flooring Trends


If you’re just replacing the flooring, make sure it fits with the current style of the rest of your home. For example, if you like a mid-century modern style you might consider a tile floor instead of a dark wood-look flooring.


Know the dimensions of the space you’re re-flooring.

Easy of Use/Practicality

Make sure the flooring fits the space. A waterproof floor is going to be a better option for a kitchen or bathroom, while carpet can work great in a bedroom or living area.


Easy-to-care-for floors are crucial for those high traffic areas of your home or office.


Obviously your budget will play a large role in what type of flooring you choose, no matter what the flooring trends for 2022 are.


If you plan to install the floors yourself you will absolutely need to keep in mind the work involved there.

2022 Flooring Trends

Laminate is high on the list of trends for this year. Aged and white washed looks in particular are having their moment in the sun.  Laminate in a herringbone or diagonal pattern is popular this year.  These patterns can make a space feel bigger while also adding a bit of sophistication. For some examples of laminate flooring options, click here. 
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Hexagon tiles are another big flooring trend for 2022. What a fun way to jazz up a mudroom or bathroom space! These unconventional tiles are at once classic and fun! Use them in any room, really, for a dramatic effect.
Finally, both tile and carpet are still mainstays for 2022. With better carpet technology providing stain resistant and water resistant options, cozy carpet underfoot is still a great thing! More eco-friendly tile options with many designs and colors make it a great choice for your kitchens and bathrooms especially.
If you have flooring questions, come see us! We’d love to help you find the right floor for your space!