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An overall theme for 2021 flooring trends might be “definition”. The textures, patterns, and high variations that are going to be used this next year all lend themselves to separation and definition of a space. With 2020 proving that our homes need to function as both homes, offices, and schools, having defined spaces is becoming not only popular, but necessary. Using your flooring to help create that space only makes sense!
In general in 2021 carpet will remain popular as will hard surface floorings like vinyl, tile, and laminate. Many consumers are looking for natural looks, like stone and wood, but are willing to try floorings with the wood “look” or stone “look” that vinyl and laminate provide.
2021 Flooring Trends
Grays and light colors are going to be popular as are high variations, like wide wood planks that aren’t all exactly the same color. Those that have a “rustic” quality to them will be in higher demand. Geometric patterns like herringbone and chevron are going to be trendy too.
Aged looks for hard surface floors (like the rustic style mentioned above) and textured carpets will be popular.
More specifically, for vinyl, more and more wood and stone designs are available! It’s easy to see why vinyl is gaining in popularity, as it’s easy to maintain and affordable.
In tile we’ll see decorative tiles and new shapes.  Hexagons, for example, will be popular and standard square tiles will take a backseat. Fun, geometric shapes and patterns will lend definition to a space and a little fun and whimsy too!
2021 Flooring Trends
For Laminate the light wood look, wide planks, and rustic styles with variations in the colors and planks themselves will take center stage.
And finally, for carpet, textures, carpet tiles, area rugs and patterns will emerge on top! Again, all of these options and trends lend themselves to creating and defining a specific space. Taking an open concept home and using an area rug to define your living room, geometric tiles as a fun backsplash in the kitchen, and laminate in the dining room will help you see your home as everything it can be: a cozy haven, a productive office, and a virtual learning space too! Ready to get started? Contact us!