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Each year, and especially each decade, home design trends seem to grow, shift, and sometimes make a full 180 from the previous year or decade. This season is no different. Out are the all-white kitchens, the painted walls, the subtle patterns.  In are bold choices! Check out our brief list of 10 2020 Home Design Trends.

  1. Bits of Vintage – while clean modern lines were the rage for a while, adding a bit of vintage back in is the new trend.  Whether its drawer pulls, spindles on chairs, or even just decorative touches, adding a bit of vintage furniture or decor is in. Vintage looks can help a room feel cozier.  No need to overdo it, but do consider even an old rocking chair or chair like the one below.


2. The Pantone Color for 2020 is Classic Blue.  This navy-based color is a great way to add a pop of bold color to any room.  In the images below you can see how using a Classic Blue type color in a pantry just off the kitchen will add a great accent of color to the entire space.

3. Floral wallpaper is making a comeback.  WHAT? That’s right. Everyone jumped off the wallpaper train for a while, but it’s back!  Take a chance and use this to create a fun bathroom look in your guest or half-bath. There are lots of new varieties out there and even some stick-on options that are less messy to install.

4. Natural wood or color in kitchens is in, and all white is out.  In the above photos (#2) you can see that though white cabinets are being installed, the center island adds a wood accent to the room. Between that and the blue pantry and light gray walls, the room definitely is not your run-of-the-mill all-white kitchen anymore.

5. Live plants are in and faux plants are out.  We’ve seen plenty of articles on how to grow herbs and other plants in your home.  There are also plenty of articles touting the benefits of plants in your home. Adding plants can be as easy as picking out some potted cacti from your local store.  Ficus trees, philodendron, and purple waffle plants are also great options.


6. Sustainable materials are growing increasingly popular as home builders and buyers become more conscious of some products’ effects on the environment.  Bamboo, Recycled Steel, Linens and Cottons are all great sustainable options.  Here’s another reason to add those vintage pieces too; using recycled or gently used furniture is certainly environmentally friendly.

7. Pinging off of the floral wallpaper trend, patterns are popular too.  You can do this without overcomplicating things: add a boldly patterned duvet cover to an otherwise pattern-less room.  Use throw pillows with bold Chevron colors and patterns in your living room.  See #8 for another way to add a pattern!

8. BOLD rugs are a great way to add color and patterns to a room.  You can completely change the look of a space with an area rug.  We’ve got lots of those to choose from in our store.  Check out the use of a boldly patterned rug below and the use of black and white, another 2020 home design trend.


9. Black and white is back.  BUT we suggest still adding a pop of color or a bold pattern.  In the above room you can see lots of additions of color and textures, plus the awesomely bold area rug.

10.  Finally, to put about 3 or 4 different trends together, blending old and new is on the rise this year.  Whether this means adding vintage furniture, recycled items, or even using that avocado green appliance in an otherwise very modern kitchen, find a way to add something time worn to your new home.

If you’re in the market for new flooring or looking for area rug ideas, make sure to give us a call.  We’d love to help you find the right flooring to go along with your 2020 Home Design trends. (970) 256-1300.